The ‘Institute for Development and Civic Initiative’ Association supports individuals and communities to exercise and enjoy the right to participation, freedom of information and access to justice.
IZHIQ encourages the government and the private sector to design and implement more accountable and transparent policies, and to focus on respecting the fundamental rights of the individual.
To achieve this goal, IZHIQ, through surveys and field studies, identifies issues related to the recognition and respect of human rights and areas where these rights are most violated, and proposes to relevant institutions to take legislative measures and / or administrative to rectify the situation. We work closely with the National Institutions of Human Rights to identify and resolve any case where the violation of the rights of the individual / group of individuals is identified, mainly by public institutions.

Also, IZHIQ:
✅Works with central institutions and the media to increase access to information;
✅Contributes to improving access to information especially for marginalized communities;
✅Monitors government spending policies and makes them public;
✅Supports human rights awareness campaigns.