The Institute for Development and Civic Initiative aims to increase the awareness and capacity of public institutions, civil society and communities and to ensure cooperation between them in the implementation of environmental protection legislation.

 IZHIQ takes concrete steps to:
✅​Raising the awareness of all actors for environmental protection;
✅Practicing eco-friendly and sustainable ways to manage resources and protect living things and their habitat;
✅Supporting families to build housing in comfortable conditions, through the use of eco-energy and various environmentally friendly resources.

The main activities that contribute to the fulfillment of these objectives include:
✅Environmental awareness campaign;
✅Monitoring of government policies and the level of implementation of domestic and European Community legislation in the field of environmental protection;
✅Monitoring public investment and reporting on the use of natural resources;
✅Supporting communities in need of finding solutions that enable the controlled use of natural resources as an opportunity to generate the necessary income;
✅Supporting women and agricultural families to cooperate for sustainable local economic development through environmental protection and development.